Cathy Brooksie Edwards, Artist

Cathy Brooksie Edwards, Artist 

Cathy Brooksie Edwards is a glass artist and a member of the 7 Sisters Artist Collective. Cathy Brooksie’s glass work is on display at The Joyful Jewel in downtown Pittsboro, North Carolina.

7 Sisters

Cathy Brooksie is one of seven amazing women artists living in Chatham County, North Carolina.

The 7 Sisters do more than just make art together, they are a group of women that teach and live community, friendship and changing old paradigms to new ones.

The 7 Sisters Art Collective in North Carolina

From left to right in the photo, the 7 Sisters:

Andrea Snyder, Sheila Fleming, Roxanne Hollander, Janice Rieves, Amy Durso, Cathy Brooksie Edwards, Andrea Batsche.

Cathy Brooksie Edwards, Musician

Cathy Brooksie received her undergraduate degree in music performance in upstate New York. Cathy Brooksie’s husband Richard is also a performing singer/songwriter, guitarist.

Together with Singer / Songwriter Sheila Fleming they occasionally perform in the “folk meets swing” band, Trilogy, mostly in central North Carolina, but also in upstate New York.

Richard Edwards has a solo CD called Richard Edwards. Trilogy has a CD called Trilogy. Sheila Fleming has a solo CD, called Circles. All can be purchased at the Joyful Jewel at 44 – A Hillsborough Street in downtown Pittsboro. Ask if you could hear one of them while you shop.

Contact Cathy Brooksie at for more information.