Amy Hall Durso

Amy Hall Durso Playing ShrutiMy name is Amy Durso, and it’s a pleasure and honor to offer my music and chanting practice as a part of your integrative hands-on healing experience. During the past several years, I’ve been blessed with opportunities to sing at Shakori Hills Sunday morning service and various community events as a part of the musical group,Trio Luna, and in spiritual rituals/workshops and numerous healing sessions.
A seeker on the path of awakening, I pursue and experience the power of drumming and sacred music to enter deeper states of consciousness for my own and others’ emotional and spiritual healing. Like so many others, I’ve found that music and mantras have the ability to strengthen and enhance my connection to Spirit and can beautifully and gently put me in touch with my emotions for deep inner work. Paired with the powerfully positive effects of hands-on healing, Brooksie’s and my intention is to create a safe space to be held in love and compassion so that your Divine wisdom and guides may lead you to a deep healing space.
I begin with a period of shamanic style drumming to weave us together and open a spiritual porthole. From there, I am intuitively guided by songs, chants, and mantras from many spiritual traditions. Some mantras I chose to sing for specific purposes such as protection or calling in the healing divine presence of the Great Mother.  I play a harmonium-like instrument called a shruti box. The shruti produces a beautiful meditative sound that invokes a wide variety of feelings and sensations. During our time together, I encourage you to chant, tone or make any sounds that want to come forth….or just listen and be carried by the flow of energy, music and touch.
I know that this part of my practice connects me firmly to something greater, and it is an honor to share.
My live healing music sessions are available Mondays and Thursdays at 10:00 am and 1:00 pm, with some availability on Wednesdays and Fridays. Although I do this to be of service, and for the joy it gives me, I appreciate an exchange through payment ($20-45) or a love offering.

Watch Amy Hall Durso (right) play the Shruti and sing a Sacred Chant. Minutes 14:34 – 15:27.