Cathy Brooksie Edwards, Musician and Singer with Trilogy

Cathy Edwards Singing

Cathy Brooksie received her undergraduate degree in music performance in upstate New York. Cathy Brooksie’s husband Richard is also a singer/songwriter, guitarist who was performing solo gigs when she met him.

When singer/songwriter Sheila Fleming moved next door to the Edwards, they formed the “folk meets swing” band, Trilogy. They’ve been playing together ever since – over ten years now.

Some of the venues Trilogy plays at frequently includes the Pittsboro General Store and the Shakori Hills Music Festival. Trilogy mostly plays in North Carolina but has toured in upstate New York.

Richard Edwards has a solo CD called Richard Edwards.

Trilogy has a CD called Trilogy.

Sheila Fleming just came out with her first solo CD, called Circles.

CDs can be purchased at the Joyful Jewel at 44 – A Hillsborough Street in downtown Pittsboro.

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