Hands on Healing with Live Music

Integrative Healing with Sound Healing in Pittsboro North Carolina

Hands on Healing with Sound Healing Cathy Brooksie Edwards and Amy Hall Durso (right)

Integrative healer and massage therapist Cathy Brooksie Edwards collaborates with insightful and spiritual musicians in her live music into hands-on-healing sessions. Cathy herself is a sacred sound practitioner and singer / songwriter with Trilogy.

Sacred Sound Practitioners

John Westmoreland Mike Flowers Amy Hall Durso Cathy Brooksie Edwards Cynthia Flowers

Sacred sound practitioners from left to right: John Westmoreland, Mike Flowers, Amy Hall Durso, Cynthia Flowers, Cathy Brooksie Edwards at a performance at Chatham Mills in Pittsboro NC

Amy Hall Durso

Amy Hall Durso is an artist, singer and practitioner of sacred sound. She has performed with therapist and sacred music composer Michael Flowers; as part of Trio Luna, in spiritual rituals/workshops and in hands on healing sessions. Her spiritual work also includes hand crafted wooden altars, meditation benches, Elder Futhark rune sets and bindrunes.

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Amy Hall Durso Singing Sacred Music with Trio Luna-a

Amy Hall Durso Singing Sacred Music with Trio Luna-a


John Westmoreland

I’m excited to be collaborating with integrative healer and massage therapist Cathy Brooksie Edwards. Together we’re exploring the possibilities for music and healing. May we all open up our ears, voices, and hearts to the healing songs around us and the ones yet to be sung.

John Westmoreland grew up in Pittsboro, NC playing music. In his late teens he began playing jazz and eventually studied jazz performance as well as classical composition at the world reknowned Berklee College of Music. His teachers have included legendary jazz guitarist Jim Hall. John regularly performs as a solo jazz guitarist and as an improvisational accompanist to yoga classes. He strongly believes in the healing powers of music.

John Westmoreland

Guitarist and Sacred Sound Practitioner John Westmoreland