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On Dying and Death

For Healing and Education Professionals

Stress Reduction and Management Workshops

  • Stress Management for Teachers in the Public School System
  • Stress Management for Professionals

Listening to Your Soul Workshops

  • Listening to your Soul: For Parents
  • Listening to your Soul: For Mental Health Professionals
  • Listening to your Soul: For Couples
  • Listening to your Soul: For Individuals
  • Listening to your Soul: For Women

Embodying the Language of Now: Changing Paradigms

Negative self-talk and old paradigms are a part of not only the lives of
many of our client’s but sneak into our lives as well. Trauma and other
negative life experiences can shift our internal voice and create negative
consequences for relationships, parenting, and self. Understanding the
road blocks we have created and working towards awareness of our own
innate wisdom to create happiness and joy can help us assist our clients
towards reaching their own happiness potential.

This workshop explores paradigm shifts throughout the life span
and offers strategies to successfully implement change. This workshop
provides a variety of experiential learning activities that will help you bring
these experiences into your practice with clients.

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