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Integrative Intuitive Healing

For Licensed Massage and Bodywork Therapists

Do you feel called to move beyond just giving a good, relaxing massage?

Do you notice that you are being called to facilitate your clients’ healing process beyond the physical body?


Are you ready to live from your authentic center by integrating the healing modalities that speak to you the most?

Integrative Intuitive Healing is a model where you use more than your massage techniques to provide a therapeutic session; it is a practice using strategies that strengthen your ability to move into deeper emotional and spiritual healing for your clients. This workshop will teach you how to address the mind, body and spirit connection in a more integrated and intuitive style that is uniquely yours. If this speaks to you, then welcome!


This workshop will assist any level of massage therapist to synthesize their individual modalities into a rich and powerful session for their clients. In each unique session, the Integrative Intuitive Healing approach will help your clients uncover their own path to restoring health, recover from illness or injury, and experience relief from emotional distress that leads to ease in their bodies, peace in their minds and love in their hearts.


Learning Objectives:

  • Redefine and expand your own skills and abilities as a healer

  • Learn to build a safe container for emotional release

  • Weave together strategies to help your clients access a deeper place of healing

  • Create a daily spiritual and physical routine which will improve your intuitive abilities

  • Practice meditation and breathing strategies that will strengthen your ability to tune into the healing needs of your client and allow for guidance from Spirit

  • Learn a qigong self-care practice that enhances stillness within you

  • Experience the power of sacred music and using your voice

  • Learn methods and techniques that address the deeper blood flow to promote healing of a broad range of medical ailments

  • Learn and practice energy work techniques that resonate with you

  • Strengthen your listening skills in order to deepen your clients’ experience

  • Design an individual healing session that specifically addresses the deeper needs and wholeness of your clients

Join Brooksie in a hands-on, experiential journey to move your practice to a deeper level of healing. These two days will include self-discovery, discussion, theory, demonstration and practice sessions. An explanation of incorporating live sacred music in a healing session will be led by a sound practitioner. Come prepared to transform your own spirit!


NOTE: This workshop meets the requirements for ethics education for license renewal with the NC Board of Massage & Bodywork Therapy and for recertification with NCBTMB.

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