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Seasonal Retreats

Winter Relax & Reconnect

This retreat is usually offered before the holiday season as an evening of guided breathwork, movement, hands-on healing, & meditation with live music. 

Relax into the holidays and prepare for the beautiful stillness of winter through reconnection with your breath and body. The breath is our vital life source. Practices and techniques that bring us back to our prana enhance energetic radiance, strengthen physical health and uplift psychological well-being.

Join intuitive healer Brooksie Edwards and sacred music practitioners for a relaxing and nourishing evening of music with guided breath work, movement, hands-on healing and meditation.









Valentine’s Day Heart Healing Retreat


The Valentine's Day heart healing retreat is sound healing retreat with a rich opportunity to drop into your own heart and connect deeper to the world around you.


Usually we offer it with musician and sound practitioner John Westmoreland and intuitive body worker Brooksie Edwards for a special afternoon of sacred music and integrative healing.


This special event will incorporate a unique blend of guided breath work, heart opening meditation, interpersonal techniques to connect with others, and facilitation of safe, therapeutic, healing touch.


Sacred music will be the underlying foundation for accessing your heart and deepening your process.
Please feel free to bring a loved one, or come willing to meet someone new!

Customize a Retreat for the People and Season of Your Choice

When would you like to have a retreat, and for whom? You can request a workshop at your location or for your organization, a professional group or a group of friends. Imagine how special that would be! Contact Cathy Brooksie at

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