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Sparkroot Green Burial

Located on nine acres of North Carolina's Piedmont, near the sweet little town of Pittsboro, Sparkroot is a co-creative cultural teaching farm and expanding permaculture farm, a community gathering, teaching and learning place. We offer funeral services in our conservation burial ground. We host interns, milk goats, tend bees, and cultivate connection between each other and this land that claims us. We are atop a hill surrounded by a grove of ancient grandmother oaks, nestled into 150 acres of woods with access to square miles of woodland trails. Our two-acre cooperative farm field is tended by many hands and hearts from around the world. Here we work, play, gather, imagine and learn Life together.

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Death & Cupcake Series

Join us in keeping this much needed conversation about death alive. THis “Death Cafe” style conversation is open ended, free flowing, and organic. From Advance Directives to honoring our ancestors.  From home funerals and green burials to artistic expressions of grief. Let’s gather as a community and delve deeper into the topic of death and all of its facets.


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Compassionate Body Work for Death & Dying

Join integrative intuitive therapist and death doula, Cathy Brooksie Edwards, as she presents an introduction to compassionate bodywork for death and dying open to the general public and massage therapists alike.

This 8 hour workshop is an interactive course that includes a blend of large group discussion, skills for deep listening to yourself and to others, the power of using music in a session, experiential awareness exercises, skill development and hands on methods for the terminally ill client. It also will cover the ethics of working with the dying client. Time is dedicated to creating a safe and nurturing space to explore this sensitive process.

Participants will…

  • Learn the standard procedures, precautions and guidelines for hands-on-healing in different settings.

  • Explore and acquire new ways to create and deepen our mindful communication skills for the end of life client.

  • Discuss and practice different massage and energy techniques to use at different stages with the dying client.

  • Experience the importance of strengthening ones own personal practice with mindfulness and sacred music.

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Abundance NC

Abundance NC has evolved from educating the public about local food, renewable energy, local economy and basic sustainability to going deeper.  While we still facilitate all of these, we have come to believe that the answer lies in healing ourselves.  The Power of One.  We can only change ourselves and inspire others.
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